10 Remarkable Reasons Why A Retreat Is Good For Your Soul

Let’s face it. The daily grind can be exhausting. Your routine. Your spouse. Your kids. Your boss. Your job. The day in and day out of sameness, grayness, and the blahness of norming and conforming to the wants and needs of everyone else. It’s mind numbing.

Frustration and irritation grind away, underneath your skin. You crave change, something different, blue sky, the sun in your face, a safe place to let go, let it all go. A safe place to reconnect with yourself, reconnect with your deepest heartfelt desires, and reconnect with your soul.

A retreat could be just what your soul needs. Here are a few amazing reasons why:

  • You get to carve out time for just you. This retreat is all about you. You – making and prioritizing time just for you. Rediscovering your inner well of joy and contentment by making you your number one priority.
  • You can put your to-do list away for a week. Trust me, your to-do list will be there when you return but maybe, just maybe, you’ll cross off things that don’t serve you or benefit your higher self.
  • You get to put your daily routine on hold. This is gold right here. You get to press pause. Re-evaluate. Re-assess. What’s working? What’s not working? What can you delegate? What can you release?
  • You get to disconnect from the outside world and all its demands. I feel this one deeply. I can imagine you do, too. No need to constantly check email, voicemail, or Facebook land. The rest of the world can wait while you take care of you.
  • You get to focus on what’s important to you. Through daily power hours you’ll reconnect with your purpose and immerse yourself with what brings you joy. Through the powerful practices of yin and yoga nidra, you’ll integrate and embody your dharma, your purpose.
  • You get to immerse yourself in a week of self-care. Do as much or as little as you like. Nap. Hike. Rest. Swim. Yoga. Meditate. Write. Explore.
  • You have permission to completely relax. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to release everything you’ve been holding on to? When was the last time you allowed yourself to release your jaw, relax your shoulders, soften your face, and breathe?
  • You can participate in as much as the retreat offers or spend your retreat time as you desire. Yoga twice a day. Daily power hours. Yoga nidra meditation. Hiking excursions, horseback riding, visiting the local towns, flamenco dancing and so much more. Or less.
  • You get to spend time in stillness and silence. The wants and desires of the outside world are chaotic and loud. It’s hard to hear yourself think let alone hear your soul speak when the world is roaring all around you. The practice of yoga nidra brings us to stillness and silence. Not to mention the deep relaxation and rest it provides our physical body.
  • You get to meet new people, make new friends and experience the culture of another country. My own yoga journey has brought me to a circle of amazing, kind, soulful humans who are lifelong friends. New friendships will be made. Old friendships will be strengthened and reaffirmed. And together we’ll experience the beauty and culture of Southern Spain.

Join me in Southern Spain in 2020 for a week of yoga, nature, and deep relaxation. Use code EarlyBird and save $100 when you register today. Discount code expires soon!

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  1. Vatsala Shukla

    Sound relaxing with the opportunity to rejuvenate, Peggy. In my last corporate job we did have retreats for 2-3 days when the company paid for the department to visit a new place and just relax – it was meant to help us get to know each other better considering how large the organization was.

  2. Ruthie

    Love this, Peggy! You are so right! A true retreat is good for the soul. Sometimes, people don’t realize that seminars and retreats are very very different things.

    As a matter I am putting together a retreat for May for people who have suffered loss of any kind. I’m so excited!

    Blessings! xoxo

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