And Just Like That Everything Changed

Right in the middle of the hustle and hurry, the dishes and laundry, the never ending hours of meetings and email, and the mindless scrolling through social media, COVID 19 waltzed in without a care. An invisible killer that brings upheaval, turmoil, fear, and death.

The closest experience I have to this crisis is the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through all the feelings – Denial and dread, anger and bewilderment, anxiety and peace. I remember feeling everything at once. And that’s overwhelm times a million.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. COVID 19 is impacting the entire world at the same time. It’s forcing us to pause. It’s forcing us to press the reset button. It’s forcing us pay attention to things we don’t pay attention to. It’s forcing us to release, let go, and surrender.

❤️when life as you know it is disrupted indefinitely ❤️

Not knowing.
Let go.
Unhinge your jaw.
Allow your shoulders to melt down.
Let your tongue float behind your teeth.
Release your grip.
Just breathe.
Everything already is okay.

What is normal anyways?

I went for a walk yesterday. I live near the rail trail. It felt good to do something normal in circumstances that are anything but normal. My girlfriends joined me and we maintained social distancing. There were so many people walking or riding their bikes today. I smiled and said hello to as many as I could.

This morning I needed normal. Or as close to normal in the time of social distancing as we can get. I rolled out my yoga mat to practice with my tribe over Zoom. Later today I’ll be guiding yoga nidra via Zoom to everyone and anyone who needs to release, relax, and let go.

I certainly don’t have any answers. I’m just as bewildered and confused and feeling weird like everyone else.

One thing I’m certain of as we navigate I chartered territory together is that time in silence is needed more than ever. Time taking care of things I’ve put off, like cleaning the clutter in my bedroom and reorganizing my craft room, is time well spent. Time creating art and pretty things is mandatory…for me anyways.

Nothing is normal. Everything is normal. Or as mama used to remind me, “normal is a setting on the dryer.” Drop me a comment below and tell me how you’re doing. What does your normal look like today? How will you spend your time?

Today’s Pranayama Practice

🧘‍♀️”If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ~ Amit Ray 🧘‍♀️

Become aware of the space between your eyes.
Allow your attention to rest in your 3rd eye space.

As your awareness settles in the space between your eyes, imagine that you are breathing from this space.

Feel each inhale and exhale. Feel yourself breathing from your 3rd eye space.

Allow your whole body to release and relax as you breathe from your 3rd eye space.

Continuing breathing. Allow your mind to rest in your breath.

Take 10-12 breaths. Or as many as you need until your anxiety recedes.

Sending you much love, peace, and calm.


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