The Art of Letting Go

The urge to bow
the need to let go and surrender.

I roll out my yoga mat
my clothes are comfy, stretchy, not too tight or clingy.
I need room for my belly and space to breathe.

I find my way to table top pose
knees under hips
wrists under shoulders
belly button pressed gently towards my spine.

I let my knees go wide, mat width apart
I let my big toes kiss as I sink my hips towards my heels.
My belly rests on the mat, in between my thighs.

I reach my fingertips towards the top of my mat
and feel the stretch through the length of my arms to my armpits.

I lower my forehead to the mat and rest my 3rd eye on the floor.
I tent my fingertips and press down,
noticing how my tail bone
sinks a little lower towards my heels.
I’m aware of the length in my spine
as my skin expands across my lower back.

Deep breath in.
Slow breath out.

Each inhale nourishes my body.
Each exhale relaxes my body.

I begin to let go.

I feel tightness and tension leave my face, my hands, my arms.
I sink deeper towards my heels.
Tension leaves my spine.
Hips release and relax.
Shoulders soften.

As the tightness and tension leave my body,
I imagine my big heavy thoughts unwind from my mind,
emptying out through the space between my eyes.

The heavy thoughts of an unfinished room,
an unpolished practice,
the alluring smell of coffee,
and a grumbling belly in search of breakfast.

I guide my mind back to my breath.
I sink deeper and deeper into child’s pose
allowing the earth to cradle me a little while longer.

©️Peggy Nolan
January 2, 2021

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