Your Practice Requires Making an Effort

It’s not always easy finding the time or space to breathe and simply be. The outside world, family, responsibilities place many demands on us. Our practice requires making an effort. In fact, everything we do requires making an effort. And to that end, inertia or as I like to refer to it as I’ve grown roots in my couch, is a “formidable obstacle to inner growth.” 

We all have choices. You can keep doing the same old same, day in and day out. One day you might wake up wondering how you got stuck in a tired routine. I know, I’ve been there…more than once. 

Self-reflection questions to ask yourself the next time you need to check in with your heart and soul – 

  • How content are you?
  • How willing are you to make the changes you need to become better, happier, and healthier?

In my most recent period of self-reflection, I felt trapped by the box I put myself in. Over time, I gained weight, carried a lot more work related stress that was incredibly unhealthy for me, and I worried that other people (including my husband!) would think I was irresponsible when I resigned from my very comfortable salary. These were just some of the things I needed to reflect on and then cultivate the strength and insight to have “faith in my own self-effort.” 

This practice of yoga teaches us to live in a “highly transparent, stable state of mind. This practice is both on and off the mat. In “The Secret of the Yoga Sutra,” Pandit Rajmani Tigunait writes:

“Knowledge born of self-reflection awakens us from our long cherished habits of procrastinating and of expecting someone else to give us salvation. We become self-motivated. We regain our trust in ourselves and lose our anxiety about the results of our actions. Problems and concerns may persist, but the mind is not disturbed and distracted by them as easily as before. Our desire to experience the fullness of life becomes stronger than our habit of staying within our comfort zone.” 

I’ve been working on a few things to help you with your own self-reflection. Before I left for my own R&R, I started recording a new Soul Rest series that I’ll be offering On Demand. Keep an eye out for release dates and if you want to be the first to know, make sure you subscribe to my email newsletter where subscribers receive special VIP savings!



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